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Functional Manual Therapy®

An integrated evaluation and treatment system that promotes optimum human performance.

Discover the why?

"Nicole, you’re a genius or a wizard in how you have helped me…either one your secret is safe with me." - PF

Life happens. We fall down. We get back up. We adopt certain postures. We move in certain ways. The human body is incredible at adaption, but eventually it reaches a point when it can no longer adapt. At this time we start to develop aching, soreness and pain. 
Traditional treatment focuses on addressing the symptoms not the underlying cause. At SolFuel Wellness our treatment focuses on identifying the why and working to unravel the layers that are keeping you in a state of dysfunction. By treating the whole system, we leave you better than you were before.

Establishing efficiency for performance enhancement

"Besides being just amazing in general, Nicole's work is outstanding. I credit my Boston Qualifier and 18 minute marathon PR to her functional work with me." - JS

By understanding the way the human body is designed to function, we at SolFuel Wellness are able to identify impairments that are getting in the way of optimal function. In doing so we are able to maximize your potential by establishing a more efficient mechanical system. 

This approach also allows us to identify areas of your body that may be prone to more wear and tear and address the dysfunction before it stops you from doing what you love. 

If you want to run faster, climb better, row with more power, move easier, Functional Manual Therapy (FMT) is for you.

Functional Manual Therapy for GI Dysfunction, Pregnancy & Fertility

"Nicole put together that my scar tissue from an appendectomy when I was 11 was playing a big role in my [hip and back] injury—something totally overlooked by the GP and other PTs. She's incredible." - MH

Just like your back can get tight or a muscle can get a knot in it, the organs that live inside your abdomen can lose their mobility too.  When the organs don't have the ability to slide, elongate, and fold, they create tension and compression. This immobility can disrupt everything from digestion to fertility to the way your muscles and skeleton move. 

FMT treats abdominal mobility impairments by specifically targeting the mobility restrictions of the fascia and each organ's ability to move along the structures it is next to. By restoring efficient movement, we open the door for your gut and reproductive system to do what it is designed to do.

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