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Professional Parnerships

SolFuel is just one part of your health and wellness team. We couldn't do it alone which is why we've partnered with these incredible individuals. We take pride in the people that we collaborate with to provide you the best care possible. 

Maria Portnaya, L.Ac., MSAcOM

Maria Portnaya, L.Ac., MSAcOM

Working with Maria has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

We approach the human body and it's treatment with a similar underlying philosophy allowing for comprehensive care of the whole system. The different tools that we have help us to address the intricacies of each individual experience and problem together. 

Learn more about Maria and Ageless Acupuncture

Om Mama Featured Vendor.png

Om Mama Co. is a collective of photography & wellness businesses in Seattle serving a community of anticipating, expecting and new moms. Our mission is to connect, support and celebrate women during this season of life, by encouraging mind & body strength, friendship and FUN! 

US Rowing

Sports Medicine Staff

Being a member of the US Rowing sports medicine staff has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these athletes. They inspire me to work hard and to follow my dreams. 

2010 World Rowing Championships

2012 Pre-Olympics training camp

2017 World Rowing Championships

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