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Physical Therapy Beyond Injury

There is always more to learn and knowledge to be acquired. A large part of the work we do together is about you learning more about your body. I am here to be your educator as well as your physical therapist.

Athletic Performance 

Reaching your performance objectives is about more than just practicing your sport and improving fitness. Accomplishing your goals requires your body to be at its most optimal state when you reach the moment of competition or the event. Waiting until an injury or dysfunction starts to disrupt your training isn't the answer. Addressing underlying dysfunctions and immediate management of symptoms is. Together we can ensure that your body is ready when its time to GO! 

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Issac Newton

Posture and Performance

Check out my blog post on Oiselle's website!

How To: Test Your Body Alignment For More Efficient Function 

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