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Dr. Claire Leamy, PT, DPT

pronouns: she/her

As a physical therapist, I find great joy in supporting patient’s healing and growth.  

My goal as a physical therapist is to help people get back to what they love- be it sports, art, music, caring for loved ones, work or just living day to day. My goal is to work with people to provide them with the tools they need to move forward into the life they want.


I especially enjoy working with patients during pregnancy and postpartum. This is a unique time in which I am able to partner with individuals to provide holistic support and care during a time of constant change and transition. 

I have a passion for supporting people on their path to improved pelvic floor health. Addressing these issues can be incredibly empowering and impactful and it is an honor to help patients on their journey toward improved health.  This includes working with people who are experiencing incontinence, constipation, dyspareunia and prolapse, to name a few.

Professional Development

  • Herman and Wallace Courses

    • Pelvic Floor 1: Introduction Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment 

    • Pelvic Floor 2A: Function, Dysfunction and Treatment: Colorectal and Coccyx Conditions, Male Pelvic Floor, Pudendal Nerve Dysfunction 

    • Pregnancy Rehabilitation: Safely Managing Pelvic Girdle and Musculoskeletal Conditions 

  • The Institute of Physical Art

    • Core First Strategy 

    • Continence, Reproduction and Sex 

  • The Institute for Birth Healing

    • Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body 

  • Kathe Wallace: Pelvic Organ Prolapse Boost Course 

  • Matt Walsh: Running Evaluation 


  • Environmental Science and French B.A. -Wellesley College 

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy - University of Washington 

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