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Postpartum: An opportunity for rebuilding

Manual therapy supports postpartum recovery and pelvic health
There are many ways to improve your pelvic floor, strength and function
comprehensive pelvic floor and full body treatment to ge you back to doing what you love

Pregnancy is a time of physical transformation

After your baby is born, your body changes again. 

SolFuel's Mission is to help you rebuild your foundation. 

We will partner with you to support your body on its journey to establishing a new normal. Our goal is to work with you as you return to all the activities you love. 

SolFuel takes a unique hands on approach that works with the body as an interconnected system.

We believe that healing can be facilitated, not rushed. We are here to guide you each step of the way. 

Our goal is to move slowly and mindfully through the recovery process to allow for a lifetime of health and athletic achievements

When should I start postpartum physical therapy? Anytime!! 

  • We'd love to see you as soon as you feel ready to come in 

  • We can see you day 1 or day 1000 postpartum (the sooner the better). 

  • We recommend that you begin by 6 weeks postpartum 

How many visits with I need? 

  • It depends, however usually 4-8 visits is what we recommend 

What should I expect? 

  • Hands on manual therapy to support your postpartum body. We will restore normal mechanics to your pelvis, address any scar tissue, and facilitate normal movement of your organs/viscera

  • Exercise and movement guidance to rebuild your foundation. 

  • A partner to help you return to an active injury-free lifestyle 

Can I bring my baby? 

  • Yes! 

  • You are also welcome to bring a support person for you and/or your baby 

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