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Comprehensive pelvic health physical therapy that optimizes your journey from conception, through birth and back to living your best life.

“Every woman in the world should have access to the truly miraculous healing that happens with incredibly thoughtful and well done pelvic floor treatment. Nicole is both technically brilliant and intuitively a savant of what each woman needs. It is a new horizon of women’s health and Nicole and her teammates are at the cutting edge of new approaches that actually heal and give you the gift of pain relief, movement and joy in your body and thus in your life.”
– Elizabeth, postpartum mother

Dr. Nicole Bulow, PT, CFMT, DPT, MSAT

Mother, outdoor enthusiast & endorphin Junkie

Nicole founded SolFuel to provide the type of care she believes all people deserve. Since its inception SolFuel has become the go to clinic for other physical therapists and people from across the Puget Sound.

Nicole transitioned SolFuel from a sports medicine clinic to a pelvic health physical therapy clinic as she traveled her own journey into motherhood. Over and over again she found herself asking questions about what was happening to her pregnant and postpartum body and no one had the answers. 

This lead her to create her own integrated hands-on approach that treats the body as the interconnected system that it is. The approach supports people to feel stronger and more capable in their bodies than they ever thought possible.  

When not at work you will find Nicole with her family, trail running, skiing, camping and playing outdoors as much as possible. 

Nicole is a Certified Functional Manual Therapist and a Certified Birth Healing Specialist. 

She personally handpicked and trained each member of the SolFuel Team to ensure every patient is getting the best care.

Nicole Bulow is a certified birth healing specialist with the Institute for Birth Healing
“The PTs at Solfuel Wellness are amazing. I saw Nicole for SIJ/back pain during pregnancy. She mostly did hands-on techniques and was able to improve my back pain by 80% following the first visit. We then focused on birth preparation by releasing pelvic floor tension. I recommend Nicole and her team to anyone who is pregnant, postpartum, or has pelvic pain. They are specialists in these areas!” – Julia, Snohomish, WA

Dr. Claire Leamy, PT, DPT

Mother, runner & goat keeper

As a mother, runner and weight lifter Claire understands the pregnancy and postpartum journey of her patients. She knows what it’s like to go from competing in triathlons, through pregnancy and back again. 

She is dedicated to getting people back to doing what they love – be it sports, art, music, caring for loved ones, work or just living day to day. Claire’s goal is to work with people to provide them with the tools they need to move forward into the life they want.

Claire has a passion for supporting people on their path to improved pelvic floor health. This includes working with people who are experiencing incontinence, constipation, dyspareunia and prolapse, to name a few.


When not at work Claire is tending to her goats, playing outside, at Rainier Valley Health and Fitness and spending time with her family.