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prenatal movement
and childbirth education

Prenatal classes

Small, intimate group classes that support your pregnancy and birth prep journey.

We believe education is power and that it’s high time women stop saying “why didn’t anyone tell me?”

We are pelvic floor physical therapists and are here to teach you all the things you want to know about your body!

“I wanted to say thank you for your class! The exercises were very helpful to prepare for labor. I went into birth feeling very empowered, strong in the right areas and much less tense in my pelvic floor than I was in my first pregnancy.”
– Nora, 2nd pregnancy – Seattle, WA

classes on offer

pregnant mom doing a bridge strengthening exercise during a birth prep class

Training for Labor

For the Pregnant Person - 90 minutes

Birth is the most athletic event of your lifetime, so let’s get your ready for it.

Join Nicole and learn all about what is happening in your pregnant body.

You will learn about the incredible adaptations your body makes and what it needs to do to birth a baby.

In this class you will learn a 10 minute routine that preps your pelvis to move in all the ways it needs to for birth!

The Finish Line: Birth Class

Partner Class - 2 hours

Join Sam, my husband, and I as we guide to towards a connected, supported and love filled birth.

We will provide you with the tools and skills you need for labor, birth and your relationship on both a physical and emotional level.

In addition, we empower you with easy to remember information about the anatomy of the birthing body and hands on techniques to support each phase of labor.

The First 6 Weeks

Online Program

Let us hold your hand.

As pelvic health physical therapists we know all about the ins and outs of what is happening to your healing body.

We will guide you through the first six weeks of your postpartum recovery.

Just hit play and follow along as we answer all your questions about what is happening to your body and what movement should look like.

“While I had worried about being early/not being “ready,” I have to think that all the prep I did, including your classes helped me be ready and I’m really grateful”
– Mother, 1st pregnancy, Seattle, WA